Temperature changes can alter a spring's characteristics and performance when under pressure. This article explores how temperature impacts spring performance. We reference practical examples such as a car's suspension system affected by the cold of winter and the heat of summer, to highlight how variations in temperature can cause changes in rigidity and shape. We also provide ways to enhance your spring design against these temperature changes. While certain materials, like stainless steel springs, may prove more resilient to temperature changes, their appropriateness will depend on your design needs and the environmental conditions. The purpose of this article is to assist engineers in choosing and applying the correct methods for creating springs that can withstand varying temperatures.

Typical Safe Temperature Ranges

Temperature tolerances of different materials are a critical element to consider during spring design. These tolerances directly affect both the performance and the service life of a spring. Here are the safe operational temperature ranges for several common materials used in spring construction:

Effects of High Temperature

Effects of Low Temperature

Materials to Mitigate


Considering the impact of temperature is a necessity in spring design. Temperature changes can alter spring functionality and performance, particularly if not managed from the design stage. Knowledge of temperature ranges can inform design choices, but there's more to consider. The selection of materials capable of withstanding varied temperatures is crucial in minimizing temperature effects. Different materials react uniquely to temperatures, yet some materials are more resilient than others, providing consistent performance under changing conditions. The right spring choice eradicates the need for constant adjustments or replacements, conserving both time and resources. The information provided in this article should enable you to make well-informed materials selections and design decisions, contributing to the creation of dependable, weather-resistant springs.