Four Minor

GPT4 + Minor Edits: An Explanation

How the Articles are Generated

Articles on CoilsDB that are marked as written by GPT4 + Minor Edits or "Four Minor" are generated via the GPT4 API, using customized prompts tailored to provide the best result for our intended audience of engineers. On the vast majority of our articles, the title and headings are human generated (or at a minimum, curated), with the bulk of the content being GPT4. This content is lightly scanned for inaccuracies and wording improvements by an engineer. In many cases, we remove entire paragraphs or articles if they are deemed overly misleading or poorly phrased, but most of our edits are partial sentence changes to make wording more clear and accurate.

Differences Between Fully Human Written and GPT4 Generated Articles

  • Any generated article marked as GPT4 + Minor Edits are reviewed by an engineer for accuracy. Despite this, it's very possible that some inaccuracies or "hallucinations" carried over by GPT4 may find their way into the published content.
  • GPT4 has limited knowledge of topics that are highly technical, and therefore not common in its training data. This leads to it commonly outputting "overly generalized" content in many cases where the technical detail becomes too complicated.
  • Despite numerous attempts at fixing it, it is easy to notice that much of Four Minor's content uses buzzwords like "crucial", or generally overemphasizes some suggestions.

How to Learn from & use Four Minor's Content

Given our team's inability to perfectly correct all of Four Minor's mistakes, we recommend using its content as a creative guide rather than taking it as totally factual information. For example, if Four Minor makes a recommendation to "utilize statistical process A to ensure your compression springs are manufactured properly on average", it's worth doing further research into process A, but don't get too worked up about its true importance. Trust us when we say we've tried a lot to improve this rate of accuracy, but only so much can be done given the specific technical topics written about on this site.

We make these recommendations based on our extensive analysis of GPT4's outputs. We also understand that some people would prefer not to read any machine generated content. If this is the case, we recommend not reading any of the articles marked as machine generated on our site. However in our experience, GPT4 can yield some very helpful ideas and information that is not easily found elsewhere on the internet. It's just a matter of knowing to take its outputs with a grain of salt.