Designing an extension spring considers several components for optimal function and safety. Consider load-bearing capacity, which affects spring hardness and flexibility. Material selection too impacts the lifespan of the spring - standard steel provides adequate durability, while stainless steel is suitable in conditions that promote corrosion. The size of the springs, among other things, matters as well. This article presents various resources filled with practical advice to enhance your extension spring design. You'll learn how both textbooks and proficient manufacturers can offer essential directions on this subject.

Textbooks and Handbooks

Helpful Websites and Calculators


Speaking with spring manufacturers who have a history of being involved in extension spring design can lead to a deeper understanding. Manufacturers can draw on their extensive work history to guide you through complex topics. These may include the correct use of raw materials or creating springs for unique environments. An example of such a situation would be the need to design springs for corrosive environments. In these cases, materials like stainless steel or nickel alloy may come into play due to their ability to resist corrosion.

Associated Spring is a well-known extension spring manufacturer. It utilizes well-established engineering and manufacturing methods, and it can assist with all aspects of design. It also uses a wide array of materials. These include stainless steel, copper alloy, high carbon steel, and nickel alloy. The material chosen usually depends on the application requirements. For example, high carbon steel is a common choice when durability and wear resistance are desired for high-demand applications.

Lee Spring is another reliable manufacturer that offers a broad selection of spring sizes and types. It manages all steps of the manufacturing process, from the initial design stage through to final production. The company puts an emphasis on strict quality control and performance maintenance. Other manufacturers, such as Precision Coil Spring and MW Industries, offer comparable services. Precision Coil Spring is known for producing custom springs, while MW Industries is often chosen for its ability to process high volume orders quickly. Furthermore, Murphy & Read Spring Manufacturing Co has versatility; it can handle both short-run and long-run productions effectively.


In both traditional and digital realms, resources such as textbooks, websites, and manufacturers are prevalent in extension spring design. Each resource has a distinct function, ranging from supplying tools and calculators, contributing knowledge, to offering immediate assistance. These resources aid engineers in enhancing their problem-solving ability, simplifying the design process, and producing a reliable extension spring. As extension spring design changes over time, new challenges and opportunities occur. Staying adaptable and devoted to ongoing learning will ensure readiness to face these challenges and utilize these opportunities effectively.