Engineering a product, such as a mechanical watch, requires careful planning and design, particularly for components like compression springs. This guide provides you with resources to aid in the creation of these parts. You'll find textbooks for comprehending the basics, online calculators for straightforward computations, and directories of leading manufacturers for the production stage. These resources are aimed to prepare you, the engineer, to manage any scenarios you may encounter in compression spring design.

Reference Textbooks and Handbooks

Utilities: Websites and Calculators

Valuable Manufacturers

Manufacturers are crucial in the spring design process due to the resources they offer. For instance, Century Spring Corp. and Associated Spring provide aids such as online seminars, data sheets, and technical assistance. These resources are mainly designed to support standard spring designs but may not be as effective for custom requirements.

In situations where unique or complex spring designs are required, specific manufacturers like Lee Spring can offer more structured support. Engineers can communicate directly with their counterparts at Lee Spring to discuss tailor-made design needs. Though engaging at this level might extend the design process and increase costs, it generally results in improved quality and safety in your spring design.

Consider a concrete example. When designing a compression spring that must bear high loads for a critical safety function, conventional resources might not be adequate. In such scenarios, engaging directly with a team of specialists from Lee Spring can result in a superior grasp of the spring design requirements and ultimately safer, custom solutions.

When choosing a manufacturer, match their resources to your spring design needs. The complexity and individuality of the spring design should guide this selection process.


For engineers focusing on spring designs, design resources are important. Textbooks provide extensive knowledge while calculators ensure accurate values for physical properties. Trustworthy manufacturers offer useful advice and guides, helping reduce mistakes. These resources, when used correctly, are an essential tool for your spring design tasks, supporting innovation and successful results.